Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dreams Do Come True!

It's true. Dreams do come true, if you're stubborn enough, passionate enough, and find a few select people who believe in you.

Welcome to my official blog of Colleen Bucher Photography. I've been meaning to start this for some time, but I've been too busy shooting! I will showcase the first shoot I did in this post, then two-at-a-time until I'm caught up. Then I hope to keep this updated within a week of each shoot!

The Fall, the Holidays, the beautiful weather, Oh My! Kept us busy, by and by!

The very first shoot I did was for a friend who shares my name (irony, anyone? Fate?) I like to think that the stars finally aligned in a way to make my longtime dream a reality: taking portraits for families/children, and delighting in the result. Here's your sneak peek of the B family, shot back in mid-October:

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