Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Hearts, Part Duo

When I started shooting portrait sessions last Fall, I really had no idea how much education I would receive from my subjects themselves. I was thinking about light, and best lighting conditions. I was thinking about the color of grass against gorgeous blue skies and oranges and reds of October in Northern Virginia. I was thinking of aperture settings and depth of field, and what sweater I should wear to lay on my belly.

What didn't dawn on me then was how much I would just enjoy... being part of that moment. And shooting the H family (now that I finally catch up on Part II!) made me realize just that.

Life is so very busy, for everyone. But especially for parents of an almost-2 year old and her adorable baby sister who never stop moving! When we took the time to capture these photos, we just enjoyed.. the moment. We'd shoot a bit, then stop and chat and wonder at how quickly time passes when they're just so.. little. The best part was getting to be silly. Dad making them laugh. He had this incredible way of getting both girls to dissolve into giggles, just by being Daddy. Scheduled laughter time! How can you beat that?!

And with that, part II of an inspiring, gorgeous and enjoyable shoot!

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